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i-will (Posthumous Digital Identity Ruins)

The installation which presenting in the video below, is the result of the research and is based on a particular scenario. Actually according to our narration.

The company “i-will” was originally established to offer an innovative service: to allow its customers to transact their digital will after their death. I-will ends up offering an after-death digital life, named "new existence", with unlimited potential. Its customers digitalize their personality, inserting information concerning their knowledge and their experiences, in order to be used after their death by digital "clones".
In the same time, a new group showed up. They oppose the narcissistic and selfish tendencies of human nature, and encourage the natural release of spirit through both the physical and digital death.
Humanity tries to respond to the great dilemma of physical death with the digital after life.

The idea of this installation is the result of our research and reflection on death. We started collecting material related to practices and traditions associated with death and the burial process/traditions?

Some of this material is used in the installation as propaganda material which is printed on the flyers surrounding the server.

We found through our research a loop hole regarding the transfer of digital identity of a person after death, such as network profiles, email accounts, photos, archives, etc.

There are many companies and organizations who will have to face the management and storage of personal datas. A variety of online applications such as facebook, twitter, myspace etc, will have to set up and justify of their policies when addressing this issue.
According to our scenario all the informations, and particularly all these avatars or digital clones are contained in the i-will server.

The server we designed has a cylindrical form, inspired by the cylindrical ossuaries. Which seem to be a silo which contains the minimum trace of life.
Finally, this gothic server which contains an immaterial world is damaged after a violent attack, like/as if it was actually a real living creature itself. The ruins of the destroyed server remain.

A perfect hyper-collector destroyed by the acting of collecting.

i-will (Ερείπια Μεταθανάτιας Ψηφιακής Ταυτότητας)

Η “i-will” ιδρύθηκε με σκοπό να προσφέρει στους πελάτες της την πρωτοποριακή δυνατότητα να διεκπεραιώσουν την ψηφιακή τους διαθήκη, μετά το θάνατό τους. Κατέληξε να προσφέρει μια μεταθανάτια ψηφιακή ζωή, ονομαζόμενη “νέα ύπαρξη” με απεριόριστες δυνατότητες. Επιβάλλει στα άτομα την ψηφιοποίηση της προσωπικότητάς τους, καταχωρώντας τη γνώση και τα βιώματα τους, ώστε μετά το βιολογικό τους θάνατο, οι ψηφιακοί αντικαταστάτες να διαχειριστούν την αποθηκευμένη πληροφορία.
Την ίδια εποχή συγκροτείται μια ομάδα με το όνομα “unpluggers” που εναντιώνεται στις ναρκισσιστικές και εγωιστικές τάσεις του ανθρώπου και τάσσεται υπέρ της αποδέσμευσης της μνήμης και του ταυτόχρονου βιολογικού και ψηφιακού θανάτου.
Η ανθρωπότητα έρχεται να απαντήσει στο δίλημμα βιολογικής ή ψηφιακής ζωής.
Ένας τέλειος υπερσυλλέκτης που αυτοαναιρείται από το ίδιο το αντικείμενο συλλογής.

Lida Alexiou
Epaminontas Argyropoulos 
Evangelos Dimitrakopoulos
Vassilios Kritikakis
Konstantinos Papathanakos